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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another fine game!

Chargers lose (AGAIN)
No, I am not a BOLTS fan. You may ask, why do are you commenting on them then. Well, I am from San Diego, and I do actually care if the teams from my hometown succeed. The earth hasn't stopped spinning on its axis because they lost, but what I have to say about them is important. They, the Chargers, are (0-2) right now. They should be (2-0). The last two games were lost in the 4th quarter and within the last few minutes of the ballgame. The Chargers shot themselves in the food (again). Was last year just a fluke? Possibly. But I doubt it. Ultimately, the Chargers will lose games from making stupid mistakes and making bad calls. They have all the potential in the world, as proven from last year. Will they win next week? Let's hope so, or else the city of San Diego will feel like they have for many years. Like LOSERS!
Colts win (barely)
My Colts won today. Barely! I can't believe that they only scored a measely 10 points. One hopes that is no indication as to what the season has in store for us. A win is a win, so I'll take it anyway that I can. GO COLTS!


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